Scorpion K10
Elevate gaming experience
Winning key design
Suspension keycap, clear tones, the mechanical feel keyboard let you experience quick response while playing fierce games.
Multi keys press simutaneously
With 19 anti-ghosting keys design, you can press any of them simultaneously with better gaming performance.
Up to 12 keys for different gaming technique
With SmartGenius App together, you can customize F1 to F12 to different gaming technique. At the same time, you can customize different techniques for different Applications.
Infinite Gaming technique available
With the commission to help you win gaming and train you a better gamer, Genius gaming expert share their gaming experience with verified MMO, FBS, RPG etc techniques
Backlighting options for gaming field
With multi color options and different breathing and brightness mode, you can easily enhance your gaming experience with a cool visual effects.